About Us

My passion for wheels and engines began when I became a professional rider for Yamaha Motocross and Supercross teams. What started out as a hobby, ended up as the most amazing professional experience that I enjoy up until this very day.
My introduction to the world of collectible cars started out by leaving behind years of business administration experience and post-graduate degrees, for the pursuit of personal gratification and with my involvement with two great masters of the classic car business Jerry Kritz and Stanley Gold, which shortly after became my mentors, advisers and dear and admired friends.

Preparing cars for auctions, car shows and expositions became both school and playground in which my skills were shaped and road-tested.
Working with roadsters, classic and American muscle cars brought unique challenges which required not only a set of physical skills, but proper research and knowledge of each vehicle’s exact original appearance, signature characteristics, historic impact and market value.

My commitment to historical accuracy, my obsession with following original manufacturer’s guidelines and my fanatical attention to detail (i.e. the restoration/re-creation of engine and undercarriage factory mark inspections) translates into greater market value and thus increased ROI for my customers and dealers while benefiting and advancing the car collector community in its whole.
My passion is reflected in every project, every car. Body, mind and soul combined is what makes my work so original and so unquestionably above and beyond the norm.


Angelo Cendon