Classic Cars

1967 Mustang Convertible
High Tech Polish
Full Detail

1956 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
Original car in the "The Rich Arthur" Feature Film
Body Paint Treatment
and Interior Restoration

1932 Studebeker 55
High Tech Polish and
Engine Paint Detail


1938 Mercedes Benz 320D 4 door Cabriolet/convertible was produced in the Manheim Plant in Germany. It made for the use of the German Embassy in Uruguay South America. Production figures are not accurate as the Manheim Plant was destroyed during the War, However the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart has acknowledged this car is very rare. This car remains very much the same as it was built including the colors. The convertible top fabric was purchased from the museum in Stuttgart.
It was used for by embassy staff and for visiting High-ranking German dignitaries on official business and for their vacationing families. After the war this car was retired from official service, and donated to a local museum where it remained for many years.


1949 Chrysler
Royal T&C wood
High Tech Polish
Wood Treatment

1941 Cadillac Convertible
High Tech Polish
Inside Restoration

1956 Skoda Felicia
Full Restoration